Visual Impact

The customer demand for a more visual experience.

How to create visual impact online.

In a sea of content, here are a few tips to help you stand out online.

With the advent of smartphones posting relevant content online has gotten easier but has it gotten better? As a brand, user generated, curated content is key to any campaigns success but are you controlling the perception of your brand? 

Christopher Prouty of NineTwice, a digital marketing agency suggests that a combination of user generated and brand generated content will dominate social media and increase engagement and brand visibility. 

Posts with relevant visual content:

  • Get 94% MORE page visits and engagement
  • Tweets with photos get 313% more engagement

  • Get processed 60,000 x faster

So how do you stand out?


Who are you?  

Visually define your brand. Brand your designs across all channels and keep strong brand consistency across campaigns. Establish things like an identifiable color palette, composition or photographic style — make your business recognizable.


Start with a clear creative concept.

Compelling posts have a strong concept tied to a clear objective. Are you having a sale? Do you want to build brand awareness?  Are you throwing an event? Come up with a a theme or themes for the year.  You know your business cycle, plan for it and design what you need before you need it.


Be a source of Happy, keep your message upbeat.

We see so much negativity happening in social media on a daily bases, positive posts will attract new followers and keep your existing followers coming back for more! 


Be Original

Your Vision, your story. That old saying a picture is worth 1000 words comes to mind, When it comes to content, why would you want the story to be someone else's? Show them something they have never seen before. It establishes credibility and showcases who you are as a company.

Size Matters!

Size Matters, image size that is!

We all know that beautiful imagery bumps up page stickiness, gets more clicks, gets even more engagement but ultimately it increases conversion rates!

But did you know those beautiful images could be hurting your page rankings?

Google not so recently started ranking pages and sites on mobile friendliness.  As many of you know, I got my start in eCommerce close to 20 years ago editing and retouching photos down to 72dpi and 60% quality just to get them to show up on a less than 1mbps connection!

90% of the photos I take nowadays are 50 megapixels but sized for web use, the poor photos almost never get the glory of glossy print!  Thats the way the world has changed, but that doesn't mean they don't deserve every single megapixel they were intended to have.

At PhotoGo Studios, we recently implemented the JPEGmini standard and at no extra charge to our clients we are outputting our files in this amazing new image standard that shaves 70% of the file size without losing a single glorious pixel! Check out the samples below, if you would like to schedule a free call, contact Joe!